Social Impact

Our business is at its core about people. The people who work here, and those whose lives we touch every day: our clients, our families, and our community.

Leading by example – our company leadership is personally involved in many charitable endeavors, serving on boards overseeing hospitals, educational institutions, animal welfare, and more. This has set the tone for our company as a whole to feel empowered to seek out service opportunities that align with their personal goals and values. Several members of the staff have also become deeply affiliated within a client’s own charity or board of directors.

Our employees are encouraged to utilize one company paid day each calendar year to dedicate to community service through volunteer work. There is no list of recommended agencies or activities—employees are encouraged to find a project or cause that has personal meaning. In addition, our company frequently organizes and participates in drives and other initiatives that have a direct impact on our community—assistance for those who are homeless or hungry are causes that our employees are particularly passionate about.

The Kistler-Tiffany Foundation

Kistler Tiffany Benefits has been intimately involved in the Kistler-Tiffany Foundation since its inception in 1985. The mission of the Foundation is to provide support for individuals who, through no fault of their own, do not have a chance to provide for themselves. Many employees of KTB have served or are currently serving on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The KT Foundation supports organizations who provide services to those who are mentally and physically challenged, underprivileged, and abused.

To make a donation or if you represent an organization who is interested in being the beneficiary of a grant, please contact or visit the Foundation’s website to download a grant application.

The Foundation also welcomes corporations who are interested in sponsoring fundraisers and events.